I am flying on a Jet Plane

I dream a lot; at least 4- 5 of them each night. The only time I don’t is when I have been not getting enough sleep & I fall like a stone effigy after 3- 4 such days.

I dreamt of this, this morning. Oh I would call it a nice dream & a small one at that. I saw my self sitting in a plane for a joy ride. No, I haven’t been on a plane so far.

Reasons: too many.

I am also scared of such big roaring metals gaping. That’s right, even the pictures have the same effect on me. Only a very few pictures don’t exclaim me..

So, the plane was a cross between a Fighter & Private Jet, Gray in color, & no paint. I could feel the speed that it was flying with. It was only I & my friend with me.

Analyzing it; may be something big coming up & I would be able to savor it!!

Anyone please, intending to help me understand it?

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