I Dream of Oldman..!!

This one Dream is the very 1st memory of my Dreaming..

This ones the 1st of my very weird Dream series..

This one also happens to have marked my interest in analyzing my Dreams..

As a child, I dreamt of it almost every night till I had reached an age of maybe 4- 5 years; till one night I saw the entire sequence and saw of it no more thereafter.

The Dream.. I see myself in the Kalyan Vas Home (the just previous home before shifting there). Mom and Uncle had already left. Dad asking me to hurry; we were to leave for some place. The flats there were spirally located, linked through common walkway with stairs at two ends of the circular pathway. Dad had held my hand as we started to leave. We had barely walked a few steps when he had pointed out to an Iron Grill Gate saying that there lived the Oldman..!!

As we walked further down the corridor, huge cylindrical drums touching the ceiling till floor rolled by in the opposite direction of our walk. We walked past several of those. All the occupants had already vacated the building. A group of sages went past us- in the opposite direction again, singing devotional songs; they were the good ones– dad said.

This is where from I dreamt of regularly:

Not quite related though, I see myself standing at a height near a sea shore with dad, with Stones and streams of water jetting all around the bank. We suddenly spot an old bearded saint performing some ritual amidst the waters. Dad pointed out towards the man saying that, that was his flat there.

Zap.. I see myself in a form of scarecrow held in the hands of that old man. He asks me in a fierce tone- “Tell me, would you dare to disobey me..? Would you now eat what I give you to..?”

In a muted voice I reply a shuddering “Yes..” and then, in a manner whereby I feel he would let go of me, takes my soul out. He blows the conch and I see him floating some wobbly gel like handful in the water. He says- “fair enough, you would still have to pay and repent for what you have done..” I helplessly watch my soul floating away in the water with the old man laughing and smirking and Dad; nowhere to be seen..

And the Dream ends!

Whenever I blow a conch, I end up leaving the accommodation; I have tried it just so many times. The last time practically to end my stay at a place, I blew conch regularly for about 10- 12 days. I did not set foot in that house even to pack my stuff!!

I have sat and tried analyzing the dream in as many ways for the past so many years.

The old man, conch, and the waters..!! As I write it here, I still feel the helplessness and the pain stabbing my conscience.

What was it pointing out to? That someone would exploit my situation and that dad would be nowhere to be found? The sea depicting my Life and stones the hardships.. It was a clear day; so there’s hope.. Was it trying to depict my Future which has been so far an uphill climb?

Now, whenever I dream of Old Man and Waters; the phase I maybe going through ends practically abruptly..!! I wish to ask- When would it all end? When would the water be calm for me; and I walk back from the Float and stand dry?


As I am

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  1. Jingle
    Nov 20, 2010 @ 13:27:12

    you have vivid and beautiful dreams.
    these dreams give you inspirations, right?
    keep writing…

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