A Tear ‘twas from when I’d cried-
That lay there for weeks; months n years!
Kept it tightly locked in a shell;
It lay in the corner at the farthest rear..

I decided- it’s time that I clean all cob-webs
Bring about some order; see what all had withered..
I noticed it was Me that looked so remote,
Mind or the matter; my thoughts, when put together!

There were contrasts, contradictions, fluctuations,
Seemingly never to end affairs; my trust n their breach..
It spoke of wherever I made an exception;
Ongoing battle; my survival through a day and each.

I so reached at the corner of my heart,
Where that shell lay all by self..
It shone with radiance that it had gathered over the period-
So bright that it lit my very essence..!!

I picked it up; noticed that it was clean
No dust had sat ; it shone like a jewel.
I opened the shell to see what was in,
There it was sat- my Tear; now a Pearl!

I own a prized possession:
While all thought I had none,
Nomore wish to hold back
Instead, share it with the world; so on..

I’ll let the Pearl say its story,
And liberate my state of being.
How it lay there; of it’s past glory-
And that, why it didn’t sit on a Ring..

Go my Pearl; shine with all your might
Half of it’s spent, this life is all you have..
To live, to love, to acquire n to fight;
To try yet again n pay them whatever they gave.

Colors of the Pearl describe what I am-
Pale- ness of the shell the incidents..
The radiance my achievement- both worldly and intangible,
Roundness my agility n my incessant strength.


Submitted for dVerse Poets Pub- Open Link Night # 3

My In- Mind Whirls Writes

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