Mom’s Congratulatory Blessings..

June 3rd, 2010

I was just about to doze off. Had sat blogging for sometime during the day, have had dinner and my bedroom a/c unit had again given up on me!! I lay in the make- shift arrangement in my computer room. Both black n blank Computer Monitor and I stared each other for sometime.

As I write here, a fleeting thought came across my mind. Have machines really had developed an artificial intelligence now..? Being connected through World Wide Web, they may be all centrally connected and may be even be consulting each other like we do. May be, it was their artificial Intelligence that they made us to create WWW and now, utilize it to communicate with all machines all over and with us too. Computers may be after all the super intelligence who have not yet alienated (separated) themselves from us, maybe because they want to understand our psyche and approach and also to keep a tab on what next we maybe doing to our machines and tech..

Supernatural and Cyberspace (Virtual Reality) seem to be connected at a distance. We have just started to tap the Cyber space; maybe, someday would be able to explore and understand the Super- Natural things too. They are referred to as super naturals only till we don’t understand its state. Solid, liquid, gaseous and plasma are only the physical states of a matter. Thoughts and Mind are the Ethereal or the super- conscious states of a matter. That would be- only once we have discovered the potential energy in them. We do know that thoughts do have energies (will power, determination, dedication, mantra, recitation…), but to be identified as a form of energy; the substantiation would have to be met.

It seems that my thought is not being limited to a fleeting one any more and now is consuming my mind like a whirlwind. Let me go back to where I was trying to go off.

I tossed a bit and waited for the Sleep to take me to the super- conscious state; since in sleep, one doesn’t utilize any of its physical sense organs and hence, frees himself of being a mortal. A human is so dependent upon such senses being caged within them.

My Biopic Writes Blog had a series of comments under my biographical writes. I was pleasantly surprised to note so many of them overnight and scrolled down to see the volume. I scrolled fast, I had wanted to see the count; it didn’t seem to end. AS I kept scrolling, my mouse roll was stuck- upon a comment- it won’t move any further as if animatedly. I looked at the comment box; the image was as of an old photo- frame and yet, it seemed as if it was more like a live human face trying to speak and not a static picture. Now, that’s a paradox. The comment said- “Very well done, I like what you are doing. You have a lot more writing to do. I wish you All the Best; and Congratulations for making it till here.” The sound was as if echoed from around like a radio broadcast. The image was that of my mom’s, very young maybe of in her late teens!

I looked around and everything was same. The a/c hummed, the transformer box showed the IP/OP reading, and the scanner light was on. Maybe, I had dreamt of that or may be not.

Why did she have to appear in my Blog Comments to Congratulate me? Was she trying to make me feel special by making me read “her comments” on my blog; or is it that the computer linked to her telling her of my recent development and she in turn appeared on the switched off monitor to convey her blessings. I was still staring at the blank screen when I thought that I had dozed off. Mom could have appeared even otherwise like she always does, instead of appearing in my blog comments. I still can not say if I dreamt of that- since, it was nearly a live experience that I had underwent.

It was after a long time that mom had spoken to me. I don’t feel scared; on the contrary, feel very relaxed and sleep tight. I did, after that.

Either ways- Thank you Mom.

Afternote- Just as I had published this post, a WP video had popped up as if to celebrate My thoughts.

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  4. Jamie Dedes
    Sep 12, 2010 @ 20:12:40

    There is a numenous quality to life … and to mother’s love.

    Whoopie Goldberg’s mom just died. I thought Whoopie’s remark – “I wonder if anyone will ever love me that way again” – was poignant and telling.

    Hugs, dear one –


    • Olivia
      Sep 12, 2010 @ 22:56:29

      Thanks Jamie..
      My mom slogged ever since I was born till I lost her to a very tragic death. I too am leading almost a nomadic Life ever since..

      Hugs to you too Dear


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  7. nrhatch
    Aug 23, 2010 @ 08:48:26

    Very cool.

    Even if you dreamed the encounter, who’s to say that some of what happens in our dreams is not real?


    • Olivia
      Aug 24, 2010 @ 12:51:10

      Yeah.. very much.. I have always believed in occult sciences. It is past any physical limitation and hence much ethereal.
      This post is quite close to me for the very apparent reasons.
      I thank you so much for stopping by and scribbling those invaluable words..


    • nrhatch
      Aug 24, 2010 @ 20:28:21

      There is much mystery still to unravel . . . mystical treats to be unwrapped.

      Those not of this realm speak to us in dreams at night if we are “off line” during the daylight hours.

      Love that your mom sent you an encouraging word about your love of words. Write on!


      • Olivia
        Aug 25, 2010 @ 10:41:37

        I Thank you so much for the kind words- you made my day..
        I too think on the same lines. Strangely whenever I am stuck in any difficulty, she does come to me and talk..!! eerie..!!
        In dreams I only see that she is about to leave, terminally sick, I crying for her being missing..
        So I guess these are two very different experiences. And I love her 🙂

        Someday, I would love to explore the “other world” too- AMEN.. Pinch me


  8. Hena
    Jul 27, 2010 @ 00:47:48

    God Bless You…


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