Broken pieces of Me..


“Mirror mirror on the wall,
Who’s the prettiest of them all..?”
It reflects upon what it sees,
It shows whatever is reflected on it.

Shines like a million diamonds
When light falls upon it,
At nights when its pitch dark,
It shows: How lifeless it can be.
It stands mutely up on that wall,
Staring at the ones who see in it all
It lets everyone take a peek;
Reflecting upon their image; the state of their being.
How beautifully it portrays the onlooker,
Without ever asking for a return of its favor.
It happily beams at the smile of the delightful
It sobs at the pain of the deplorable.
All it does is silently echo
All that emotions that you may wish to show
It never questions or makes judgements
Just listens to your words in great admiration

Even if it’s broken; it still retains its gloss,
Its ability to reflect; but with a few lines..
As if to express its dismay and grief;
A thousand times it reflects all that it sees..
Since Mirror’s unable to adjust with its reflection,
Each of its shards wait in retribution!
To prick the skin, making it bleed;
Smearing itself in the blood- with Conceit!!


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