Moon Woman


Introduction- Forgotten Cluster of Words

Many many years back
In a pleasant era,
When the Day and Night
Never happened-

The Sun and Moon were playmates
Often playing Hide and Seek.
The days as beautiful as early mornings
Nights as lovely as late evenings.

All through the day and night,
It kept partially lit,
As if cloudy- the whole time.

The stars too joined in to play
Twinkling throughout the day.

As it were, the Sun and the Moon broke into an argument one day. He had become too proud of his Golden Glow and had arrogantly shone to prove its might. The birds had fallen heavy. They flapped around to find the Moon’s shelter. Upon seeing that, the Sun had wanted to as if rebuke the Moon. It arrogantly glowed wanting all birds to perish and so no one was left to appreciate the Dark Beauty. So drunk he was on his pride, little did he realize that he had punished himself instead.

It was then decided- that both of them be given their separate territories to dwell. Hence, the Day and Night had happened. All the stars had sided with the Moon and didn’t shine at day anymore, as if to outcast the sun; since Sun too was a star. The little birdie was the only one who knew about that and used to play with the Moon at night. Not all birds know of that change yet. Peacocks call at nights since then, as if to alert the rest of the birds of Moon’s presence.

Day is a symbol of crowd and activity; while Night represented silence and tranquility.

Every day the Sun shone so bright and dry, the birds fell heavy by the evening. They never noticed that the Moon stay awake the whole of night, comforting the tired beasts throughout their sleep. They woke up in the mornings- all refreshed, and chirped calling the Moon to make it dim. They took shelter in the trees and bushes and waited for the Moon to come and play with. They often doze off waiting for the Moon and keep waking up to look if he was around.

The Owls then discovered the change one night; and now hoot in joy throughout the night. The little birdie sang the saddest of the songs; so sad were they that it could bring a Nile through the mountain. The valleys heard them and had become inaudible.

The very truth of Life too lies in that Dark valley. A man is often left in a dreadful loneliness. Trees where- bear fruits of sorrow and sadness. Rivers of tear douse all the passersby. Birds hawk every stranger mutely thinking that each shall meet his fate sooner than later..!! Caves are but full of myths and dark secrets. The minds get clouded with an air of desperation, The Sun there only spreads daunting support. All it does is cast long shadows and squeezes a being into a burnt soul with every hope lost. Terrible fear flows through the veins.

I had lived that terror several times believing to overcome the Devil with twice the audacity. I had kept to myself and had never looked up to see around. I had not smelled the flowers and had remained in desolation. I had not drunk from the river and had remained engorged. It had been tough to survive for I had given up breathing and had become senseless. I had not rested underneath the tree’s shadow and had taken the burns with pride.

Yet, I had kept up my faith.

I took those burns and set those on my heart. From the blisters I raised a fire. A fire that I now intend to lit me up with.

The little birdie has now learnt to live.
She’s begun her life afresh surviving the heat.
She has now, as if recreated herself-
Enjoying her Life since the lost years.

She now sings a new Life song,
The little birdie is a Nightingale.
For she’s always lived in nights till now.
The gloomiest of her songs now inspire the poets.

Romance and Love is she now associated with her music.

I had associated myself with the little birdie. Not anymore; since I now am in love with my Solitude. I had initially written about myself in hope to find a man for me. I now am pleased with my Single status, working everything out on my own.


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