Looking at the Horizon far away,

I wonder; when I would die.

I have lived my Life, enjoying my time;

Of whatever was left of my ill- fate.

I no longer laugh, no longer smile..

The beauty doesn’t awe me anymore!

I wish to now close my eyes,

So I don’t scare myself of the veracities..

A wonderful Dream; alas! Is only a Dream-

Making the transition to the present even bitter.

I wish to now sleep tight forever..

And no more visualize or be jolted to realities!

O Lord of Destiny, take me to a place-

Where nothing exists and is far away..

Friends, Failures, Feelings, Fallacies;

I leave them behind and walk away.


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This Post/Poem wins the The Perfect Poet Award for week- 33/November, 2010

The Perfect Poet Award- Week- 33, November- 2010


I have moved on-

Leaving the void behind..

Alienating it; making it feel unwanted..

It sits alone, left out n wasted;

Calls n crying,

Staring at a new Me..!!


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