Cute Pooch Ruchie..

The flat was not like where I stay now. The stairs were washed by the 1st floor neighbors and it was slippery wet.

Source- Flickr

I was sat with an unknown friend when I noticed that small white dog to be lying on its back and curling up at the bottom. It looked unrestful. Its face was becoming stressed. I picked “Ruchie” up and held her in my hand. I told my friend to take her to the vet immediately.

Even though that I am scared of canines, I held her against my body like one clutches her baby in her arms. Ruchie’s face sat on my shoulder and soon I felt as if its body had shrunk. I kept holding one of her paws in my right palm to feel her pulse. I had immediately rushed to the vet.

Upon reaching there, I realized that she was not within my hold anymore. I had lost her while walking on the road.  I turned back to the walking lane and looked for the dog; I couldn’t find her- anywhere.

I am still waiting- what this time now??

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