Strange encounter with a Minotaur

Dream Moods say that seeing one in your dream, denotes a union between your intelligence and your instincts. Alternatively, the dream refers to a situation in your waking life which may be larger than you can handle. You are feeling overwhelmed.

For New Moon, it symbolizes new beginnings.

Night of 9th August, 2010

It was a dark and dark bluish. I walked on the street and noticed a huge rush running in the direction opposite to my Walk. People were bewildered on the road. The street lights were so dim that human merely appeared as dark figures. They all ran scared of something or someone..

I saw a dark figure running towards us. It had horns on its head. Huge ones. Its face was triangular and it marched like a militant. I turned back and walked away..

I was in the bed gossiping with a few friends when I was insisting on something to be done the same night. The night following was supposedly a no moon night. That thing was to re- appear and so everyone needed to be cautious and warned. I was so insisting in playing up a bit before we all were to get panicky.

The night had went by. Without any more screams and runs. I had tucked in and slept peacefully. The next morning was peaceful, so was the night and the next day. And then the following night, I stood all alone. Everyone had seemed to have gone out of the town to save themselves of the wrath. I had so wanted to stay around and watchover.

I did not feel scared even a bit. It was Huge, dark and mystical. He looked right in me through my eyes. He did not attack me. It had stood as if a warrior would after his victory. I had felt enlightened watching a Minotaur in his face.

Yesterday was actually a no Moon night; now, waiting for the events to unfold themselves.

My Birthday today has been more than exciting so far..

Lets see what all it has in store for ME..


My In- Mind Whirls Writes

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