Golden Steps

13th August, 2010

It was cloudy and pleasant. A white car was moving by my side. I could have hopped in. Probably I knew the owner. But I didn’t..

I kept walking by the footpath. I didn’t walk over it either.. I had soon stepped into a puddle. I wore my muted gold sandals. My foot was stuck right in the mud. Even though the puddle looked deep, I wasn’t as much messed up. I had walked my way out with eaze.. I clearly took steps to walk out of the puddle and not get soiled. Even the sandals had remained good.


Saturday, last weekend was quite strange. I had gone out for 2 back to back dates. 1 very nice and the other one was sobbingly hopeless. When I had reached Kalkaji, at Negative’s place; I had to cross the same puddle that I had dreamt of. There was no other way to reach the stairs.

I had to climb to the 2nd floor. I had expected him to be looking down. Actually, I had expected him to come down to receive me.

As exactly how I had dreamt of.. I had been walking on a known trail and yet no one was around. I had been traveling through Kalkaji while working in Hutch. So, the area was known to me and yet not familiar. I had traveled to his place in a white car. I had wanted him to come down and help me walk through.

I had managed to step in the puddle, not slip and walk through the dirty water without soiling my sandals or feet. I had not remembered that small, seemingly insignificant dream till then. I was more careful to tip toe through.. and then it struck me-

I noticed that I wore my golden sandals.


It could have also pointed out to what then happened after reaching his floor. I had managed to walk through the puddle. My sandals were clean, so were my feet.

It rained pretty heavy in Gurgaon exactly when I was trying to walk up the stairs.

Another one of my pre- cognitive dreams..


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