I am the Wind


I so don’t wish to be a Kite
Being strung at my tail..
I don’t wish to be a plane-
Carrying the burden of thousand people.


I don’t want to be a Bird,
Spending my Life looking for food and water..!!
I don’t wish to be the Whiff:
It fades with travel..

I am tired of being a dried Leaf,
It disintegrates with displacement.
I don’t wish to be a free spirit,
Getting chained at Human emotions.

I want to travel unbound..
Like I have, so far.
Giving a lift to the travelers..
Never halting in the process.


I wish to become the Essence,
I wish to be giving Life.
I wish to clean the dead Air..
Transporting the Cranes,
I wish to support the broken feathers-
For all to know that they still fly.

I want the Fire to rise
So the flame engulfs all ugly..
I wish- Tides to be borne
So it cleanses all impurity.


I wish to become all pervading
Want to sustain Life
Becoming the Giver
.. ‘Cause I am the Wind
I fly unbound
I am Intangible and Infinite.

I am within and yet unconceivable
I am all around;
Yet stay untouched.
You can feel me
Rejoicing with me
Or, mourn about
Reading the message
Don’t miss my words-

To stay unaffected and fly undeterred,
Remaining completely un-merged.



My In- Mind Whirls Writes

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