Clue to my Survival

18th March, 1989

Remember that serial named Fauji? It used to be telecast-ed on Wednesdays Prime Time at DD- Metro, back then? Yeah, Shah Rukh Khan had debuted his acting career with that particular one.

Maybe this remained at the back of my mind when I dreamt of this:

I was playing in my GFPS ground. I had worn my school uniform- white shirt and sky blue skirt. The belt and no tie. I didn’t use to wear one. It was exempted for me. I ran around on the compound where the K.G and 1st standard classes were. After we moved to the “new building” as it was referred to as, those adjoining classes were gone.

Running around after Himanshu, I had suddenly heard a Jet Plane. I even saw it dropping a bomb (?!!!?) I had ran towards him and pushed him afar. No points for guessing- the bomb had exploded on me 😀

I didn’t die though..

The same evening, I was invited to his Uncle’s place for his B’de celebration. We had watched the movie QSQT that was released the same year. That had also ended on a tragic note. Somewhat on a similar note. First Juhi (Rashmi) gets hit with a bullet and then Aamir (Raj) kills himself over her. Oh yes, I had sat crying there as well!!

What a sentimental fool I have been..

I had excused myself to wash. His mom had asked me if all was well..!! A detailed one of his B’de Bash would be included in my Biopic Log shortly. Just that recalling of my childhood time spent with him, puts me into the same long lost Love mood again. I was all of 12 back then.

I guess, this dream was a clue of the forthcoming stances. Things that have made me go indifferent, the cold blooded way.. That no matter how much I may be running after Himanshu; he would never be with me. And that he would surely “escape”; should I be wanting any help.

Yet, I would survive.

I have; how else would you be reading this otherwise..??


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