Border Pattern

Border Close- Up

Border Detailing

Centre Design

Centre Design Close- Up

Border Detailing



Nozzle Printing

Media- Holding the Nozzle and create patterns consisting of lines

Fabric- Organdie

Colors- Acrylic Paints (that’s right, what we use to paint doors and windows!!)


Submitted forĀ Theme Thursday



White Sari


Body Pattern

Body/Border Close- up

Palloo Pattern

Palloo Close- up

Palloo Centre



Sanghaneri Block Printing

Theme- Folk Art

Media- Wooden Blocks

Fabric- Kota Cotton

No. of Blocks- 1 for Outlining, 2 for different colors- each motif

Colors- Textile Colors in Olive Green and Majenta/Mauve, Outlining Prussian Blue

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