Life, Olivia, Veracities.. Ephemeral

It’s utterly silent to be alone-
With no reason to laugh or celebrate.
When all that speaks is your silence,
You wish there was someone who loved you..
I could have stopped at that-
Letting my readers romance;
But you give what you have,
I have never felt, how it is to be loved.
Nights are spent worrying about the next,
Anticipating what’s more in store ..
When all that you do is stay insecure!!
There’s no room left in your thoughts for Love.
Friends maybe plenty- only by the word;
Blood- Relations only curdling your veins.
All you have is You around- alone,
You grow out of others and out of Love.
Being in perfect state of vacuum-
My veracities keep me grounded firm.
I wonder if at all I am a human,
Since I no more at all long to be loved.
I have collected plenty of stances-
Both sad and ugly..
I have experienced all the emotions
But One- that what is Love.

My In- Mind Whirls Writes

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