Silk Saree


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Batik Dyeing/Printing

Theme- Ornamental/Floral

Media- Heating and applying the heated liquified wax

Fabric- Silk

No. of Blocks- 1 for Outlining, 2 for different colors- each motif

Colors- Batik Dyeing  Colors in Red and Ochre (Golden Yellow)

Procedure- the liquid wax is applied to the fabric by a brush wherever it needs to be resisted. Once “waxed”, the fabric is dyed in the same manner as in tie n die. For more colors, the procedure is repeated again. To save the 1st color, wax over the same. Repeat for 3rd or more colors. The wax is then taken off by immersing the fabric in boiling water till entire wax comes off- usually carried out by dyers and dry-cleaners.


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