Part- II Claiming My Destiny


Here’s the Part- I Trying to Change My Destiny again

Often I would dream of that time before sitting for examinations.

Palpitated, perturbed and completing perplexed; I would see myself wondering about what would happen the day, I would have to write my papers!

Last night, I had dreamt of the same plot yet again; but with a major change.

I wasn’t scared to appear for the exams anymore. I wasn’t running around in bewilderment expecting some help with sharing of notes. I wasn’t anticipating My Failure anymore. I didn’t see myself not been able to read, study or even write my papers- this time. I didn’t see myself grow hopeless and cry. This time, the bell didn’t ring while I had just begun to write.

All of these typically reflected upon my helplessness over any given situation.

I then wake up confused- thanking no end that the dream finally ended. Earlier, such dreams disturbed my sub- conscious making me feel uneasy the whole of the day. I didn’t feel relieved about the fact that there were no exams but about the fact that the dream itself was over.

Not anymore.

This time, I was not afraid anymore. Instead, I looked forward to sit for my test. I dreamt myself being completely calm and composed. I had prepared well, both lessons- wise and mentally too! I was more than ready to write my answers. This time, I dreamt myself talking to someone asserting my busyness to prepare- in place of my calls never going through- at all! Or searching the numbers through phone- book haphazardly and failing to read.

When my dream ended, I had woken up with a smile- instead of fretting over.

There was this restfulness one feels after dreaming of something happy. Maybe, this dream is telling me that I am being successful in changing my Destiny after all.

I just don’t wish to end up like how my mom had died.

Sacrificing whole through and her life too!! I wish to get noticed for who I am. I wish to carve My Destiny the way I want it to be. I wish to shape My Destiny as My Mom had wanted me to be. I wish to create yet another difference..

I wish to become what I am – As I Am..


Next- Part- III It is Destined

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