Celebrating Success

The sound of the Drum beats; the Brass Plate beatings,
The tinkering of the Bells, the Chants up in the air-
The Coconut and the Mango Leaves Urn,
The Smoke Dancers waiting for their turn..
The croon of the Conch Blows; the Flower offerings,
To the Divine Goddess; the Insuperable..
Makes me ponder, as she prepares to Leave,
When would it be time for me to proceed heavenwards..?


Note: The image is an artwork created by the author herself – Face of Durga


My Words is my Power

It makes you laugh, making you cry..
It takes one up; pressing down under!
Its Magic can move you forward;
At other times leaves you stoned!
It surprises one when expecting the least-
Hitting with the reality- he may’ve kept unseen..

It creates the beauty; sketching the ugly;
Immersing you in its myriad sur- reality!
It is the truth; maybe a myth..
It is how you would want to believe!
Yet, the Power of Words is colossal-
It creates, destructs; everything else in between..


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