Calling all Ghouls to Party


Letting out all- Ghosts!
Reanimating the Deads..!

Ironing the Shrouds,
Sharpening the wooden stakes..
Calling father Dyer!

Carving Pumpkins.. 🙂
Lighting the jack-o’-lanterns,
Sewing our costumes..
Preparing the Tricks!

Dusting off the skeletons!
Shooing away the bats,
Stepping over the black cats.. meeuw
Magic potions set on the skillet!! (bubble bubble)
All witches assembled on their brooms!

– Let’s Party now –

Calling all Ghouls

“This meeting had been called, so all of you understand this fact once and for all that there are no such things as ‘human being’. It’s only a Myth. These are merely distorted images or fragment of imaginations carved out of coward minds. So please relax. There’s nothing to be scared of..”


A Moron Joke

The Devil invited his girlfriend home, “Sweetheart, I promise no one would be home..”

Upon reaching, I realized, indeed no one was home- not even the moron himself.. @#@$#$#&%$

2 fat black Cats gossiping

“What the hell!! I had barely stepped out of my house, when this wretched human just crossed my path. What an ugly omen! Now my entire day is scr*wd..”


Bloody Bats

The 1st one: WTF!! There’s hardly any blood available around. I am tired of hanging myself upside down without drinking!

Hearing his bickering, all the bats decided to barge out all charged up in quest of their savored drink- blood!!

While all of the other bats didn’t come back until morning and yet without any luck; the one cribbing was found hanging upside down moaning.. its beak was smeared with blood. There were scorching blood stains all over his ratlike limbs.

“Ah, so you are moaning because you tasted blood..? Where the hell did you go? Look at all of us, not even one of us found a dead mouse..!”

The 1st Bat replied: “Do you see that big pole over there..?”

All the batty eyes rounded up like big marbles in hope- “yeah- yeah, we do..”

“Well.. I had not until was hit..” Hanging.. groaning..

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