Crashing against all

I am the sea wave-
Riding, floating- high n low!
The celestial Moon makes me tide,
Flooding my limitations beyond the shores..

No matter how high n steep the rocks;
I knock at them till they fail n fall..
Making them softer, slippery n smooth;
Gliding over them; making those my very floor!

I dissipate into fine droplets upon crashing,
Charging back joined above the waters, rolling-
Using my quality to integrate to Roar,
I “form” myself again, each time that I am broken.

I drowned them all, claiming their Lives-
Whoever thought could sail upon Me!
I am calm, yet untame-able;
I am a free Spirit guided by my Intuition..


Colors of Nature

Pick up a rainbow and a few metallic shades:
The Sun takes from Red to Yellow,
The Sky that forms the backdrop-
From Blue till Violet,
Sometimes, it reaches till Red.

The nature takes the shades of Green-
Also, Brown- that’s obtained when all colors are mixed.
That all colors when absorbed produce Black,
And when reflected, form White,
is not “logic”, but a Science.

Look above yourself-
Golden is Sun’s fiery rays,
Silvern is the cool Moonlight.
The Stars are the Gemstones precious,
Diamonds and all the colored ones.

The meteors maybe the minerals-
The shooting ones, the white metals..
The burning ones- the yellow metalloid;
Asteroids the other ores,
The Comets maybe the shining crystals!!

Birds, Butterflies, Worms, Flowers-
Take all colors and shades possible..
Humans although take from beige to dark brown,
Seldom shows the gravity of containing all within themselves-
They appear to be hollow’ ones devoid of any color at all!!


My In- Mind Whirls Writes

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