My Dida’s Blessings

My maternal grandmother was stood in the garden area of my Manu masi’s (my mom’s sister) house waiting for me.

The only change was that the house appeared bigger. I wasn’t really friends with my dida. She came from one of the native village’s of West Bengal. She didn’t wear a blouse with her sari! She would cover her face (and not head alone), when my dad would be around. She definitely boasted about me given the fact that I was too good a student. I stood in ranks amongst the sections and also participated in extra- curricular activities. I was a bright kiddo!

The only time I had been to Calcutta (West Bengal), I got to verify the fact for myself. Most of the people at my mother’s maiden home knew me through my dida. All nice words were conveyed across to my maternal relatives. These were the people who I had met only once and would never ever get to meet. Some blood(y) relations I have.

I would often play around with her- making her slip into the lingeries. The poor woman would keep screaming in utmost scare thinking those to be the lewd outfits. She would never understand that those were inner- wear. She would hate staying at our home because we would insist her to wear a blouse – for all practical purposes. She hated us even though we made all the arrangements for her to chew betel leaf.

She would prefer staying at masi’s place where she slogged throughout the day, draping only a sari and keeping sick most of the time. The last time we had packed her in a taxi and brought her home, she would shriek the moment she would see me around with her medicines in my hand. She would freak out screaming “Bhani, your daughter is trying to poison me..” I was barely 14, yet would understand why she would say such whenever my uncle was around! Oh yes, they are directly related. My uncle happens to be my cousin maternal uncle.; however, his father and my dida are real siblings.

My dida passed away two or three years before my mom had. In similar situations- in the morning. I had been actively involved in her funeral arrangements. I had taken charge of my mom’s funeral too. Things that could not be taken care of during my dida’s funeral because of my age or relationship (I was only a grand daughter and in my teens), were taken care of elaborately at my mom’s funeral arrangement. I had almost asked my eldest masi to leave. I had picked up an argument with Manu masi too.

7th January, 2011

This was around the same time that my granny had passed away. I dreamt of her to be standing in the garden area of masi’s house and smiling at me. I had gone forward and touched her feet. She looked pretty healthy (she was petite) and in very good health. She spoke to me saying ” Don’t worry, all arrangements have been made, you’ll gain immensely thereof..” Even in my dream I was somewhat confused. That reminds me that I had taken my dida’s “last” foot imprints with aalta.

It was a present date dream since mom was missing. My masi looked as old as she is now. My cousin Runa was missing, who claimed to be the most caring one of the two of us.

I would have dismissed it as a mere co- incidence or sub- conscience thoughts- but why exactly around when she had died?


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