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Hopelessness.. II



Submitted for- One Stop Poetry- One Shot Wednesday



At times I feel I’m left behind,
Farther away than time can bind-
A gone era to be read about;
Of glorious past, struggles n my fallout!

I’m now trying to bring in some order,
From where I’d become a recluse at border-
Nothing seemed to be working out;
It made a perfect sense to keep out!

A chain of events that had begun-
Throwing me off guard- making me run..
A nomadic life I now lead,
A piece of ground is all I need.


Submitted for One Shot Wednesday





Deceptive images embedded on my way-
Creating a haze on a broad lit day.
Blocking my view of what lies ahead,
Making me dizzy in my head.

The moving shapes above the ground-
Fumes of the burning earth creating those around!
As though to express its tormenting rage,
A reply to the abuse; I envisage.

Yet as I walk further down,
The colors bled from seemingly brown..
Enabling my eyes to see beyond;
At one time what seemed to be a shining pond.

I look back upon the road I had traveled,
I see all the mysteries I had unraveled.
Still stood there – as if in time,
Laced in acid – pillars of lime..


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