What made me- how I am!



Did I ever thank you enough-
For all the trouble that you embedded on my ground?
Making me shiver like the tree,
All of whose leaves had fallen and withered..

Have I ever expressed my gratitude-
Towards you- for being so hostile?
For scratching my bleeding wounds,
-Till it left an ugly mass of pus behind..

Do you know how grateful I am-
To you; for pouring that poison in my vein?
Turning me into a venomous sting,
Wiping my Life out of my being..

I have become as resilient as a rock-
Shining like the brightest star..
I fly around like the careless wind,
Spreading my Mind all across!


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  1. Paula Tohline Calhoun
    Feb 06, 2011 @ 04:36:15

    Olivia – I have meant to ask you – do you do all the drawings/art on your blog? If so, then My, oh my! You are an incredibly gifted complete artist – whether you are the illustrator or not – evidenced by the entire design of your blog! Did you use a template or design your own? If you designed your own, would you consider helping me work on my blog’s appearance? I would like for it to “reflect” (no pun intended!) more closely what my site is like.

    Thanks for the wonderful, pleasureable reads – I look forward to each post!


    • Olivia
      Feb 06, 2011 @ 10:58:51

      Hey Paula.. what a really nice one to read on a Sunday morning!!
      Those glitters are all borrowed- you could even see those sites printed on the images at times.. If you check under “My Sketch” those are mine..
      I just took the theme and then did all the modification till it reflects onto how I am.. I am completely flattered by this compliment..

      Let me know what all you wish to edit or modify; I’ll be more than happy to share what I did!
      You just need to know any theme inside out so you know what changes it can take- I mean how it would look after the changes are done.

      If I could, I would have “planted” a few more purple images.. lolsss
      Do letme know how you want it, it’ll be an honor to help you with the edition..

      BTW, I scribble my mind too here- http://oliviasbiopiclog.wordpress.com/
      So anytime you need to stare at the computer screen to distract yourself, read my words- no wisdom; but will take off boredom- what a silly one.. hahaha

      Love xx


  2. Paula Tohline Calhoun
    Feb 05, 2011 @ 21:47:45

    Interesting. I like the idea, and your imagery and meter and all are really good. I think I like the fact that you hve taken blows and then used them for your own growth. I’m just wondering if maybe there is a bit of resentment and “so there!” attitude. I only say that because from personal experience, that generally holds you back from flying as high as you can! Of course, the whole poem could have been intended humorously, and my mind went off on the totally wrong tangent! 😀 In any event, and however the poem is intended or whoever’s voice is being exercised, it is a good poem!

    Is that enough of a round-about comment/compliment for you? 😀 By the way, you might want to correct “puss” to “pus,” unless you meant for the wounds to purr like a pussy cat! 😀

    Cheers! Have a great day!


    • Olivia
      Feb 05, 2011 @ 22:52:46

      Thanks for that generous one.. you are a true sweetheart Paula.. 🙂
      Yup that extra s goes right away- at times, it could be really humorous..

      BTW, whatever I write here is a direct translation of my life in words! I see around and realize that people are much more stronger than I am.. I am still in the mode of recovering- at times it pinches me that how long would it be before I get into the action mode?

      I am happy to read such a beautiful compliment- most of the times, a few words from a couple of online friends is all I have to spend my days with.. Thank you again..
      You have a very good sense of humor- 😀

      Wishing you a nice day too.. I’ll be off to snooze in few minutes..
      Love xoxox


  3. Scent of my heart
    Feb 05, 2011 @ 11:07:01

    Keep shining like the brightest star..
    Fly around like the careless wind,
    Spreading your Mind all across …

    And forget about the reasons you are stronger person now, just enjoy the results … Hugs!


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