The Warrior Woman!

20th March, 2011

Only the woman with the brown hair knew that it was going to be a clandestine affair! Her face looked familiar. Did I know her from some where?

Captain had to be sent away. Or else he would have lost his life. The Captain didn’t have the ability to assess which ones were the killer drones! The red cyborg had wanted to tell him about what was going on- but the Captain had refused to listen to him. He had reacted loud enough to draw unwanted attention. That woman with brown hair had come forward to talk to the Captain. I couldn’t decipher what she said but apparently the Captain did agree to leave- without causing any more show down. The red cyborg seemed to be pleased to take orders from that woman. Maybe he had read her well enough.

The lady could pre- assess things before their actual happening. A power so strong; no one had ever witnessed. She was inwardly urged to take the place of a Warrior Woman. She had always aspired to make it big. This was the time.

The killer drones around them had not seen the Captain leave. More were to arrive soon. They were preparing to attack the world she lived in. It was the Captain’s lack of foresight that the things had to be rushed up. He had not seen that coming. The woman with the brown hair had. She knew where they to ascend from were.

Just before she was about to leave, she gets pulled in to a closed room by her friends. They seemed to be concerned for her. No amount of reasoning could pacify the group. The woman with the brown hair had had to do it, for that was the time. She couldn’t afford to lose that moment. Using her telepathic powers to communicate via mind, she instructs her friends’ subtle form to take charge and get them out of her way. Almost like being blown away by a strong current; all 5 of them leave, one after the other. Communicating with the cyborg in her mind to guide her friends too back- safely; she leaves.

She teleports herself into a barren stretch of land. It looked abandoned since centuries. It had taken a shape of a junkyard where the machines no longer “alive”, were piled upon. It was darn foggy with smoke. It was dusty all around as if it stormed at a distance; however, it was eerily quiet! Her instincts that had guided her there warned her, just again. Taking her gaze away from that distant whirlpool of dust, she looks down around where she stood. Carefully, she crossed over that big patch of junkyard to reach the land that was empty. Only she knew that it wasn’t as it seemed to be. The killer drones were approaching. They were behind that dust cloud.

Someone called the woman with the brown hair by her name. She watches over to recognize the red cyborg, the captain and her friends stood where she was first teleported to. Alongwith them was a huge force of cyborgs. Despite all her warnings, they had stepped forward to reach the war- field where she stood.


The junkyard was a live mine yard! The woman with the brown hair then picked up the wounded machines and handed those over to the red cyborg. The cyborgs had no other option than to step back. It was only she, who could float around in the air. The time that she had bent to pick up the machines, it did bang; but it had not affected her.

Armed with iron strong determination to finish the killer drones all by herself, the woman moved on deeper into the war- field leaving all the cyborg army watching behind her. This was her battle and she had to win it all by herself. Her golden brown ponytail waved like a victorious satin flag after the battle’s been won. She was all set to prove her point across.

What then followed was like a huge dust- storm that was never to end.

Drowning all the killer drones into the atomic cloud those had mushroomed all around; she turned back to declare her victory. I watched her face closely.

She was me! I was successful in making my mark.


I am going through a transitional phase right now. If this dream has anything symbolic to do with that; then I know what’s in store for me. My current hair color is golden brown indeed!


Submitted for Magpie Tales- Mag 58


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