Voice choked- torn emotions,
Eyes glazed- teary visions;
Turmoil breathing in my senses-
Making me cry ‘er the images.

Haunting memories- turbid mind,
Striking similes closely confined;
Why do stances repeat again?
Stewing over like bad omen!

The phases worse as could be,
Often outlines the best in me.
Chiseling hurt of reminiscence,
Unveiling me; my very essence.

Parched n frozen; without a gleam,
I’m done bleeding in ‘chromatic scheme.
Nature blooms when seasons blend
Starting again; never to end!


This is my present state of mind. I had seen it approaching. I strongly believe I am undergoing a transitional phase. Simplest of the facts make me sob. I am barely able to enjoy anything else other than brooding, analyzing and yes, more crying! The similarity of the stances are so eerie that I am barely able take control of myself.


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  4. Someone is Special
    Apr 09, 2011 @ 08:58:06

    May the transition be good to you.. SmileS..

    Someone is Special


  5. tolbert
    Apr 08, 2011 @ 02:21:02

    Voice choked with torn emotions,
    Eyes glazed with teary visions;

    you need go no farther than the opening lines and already the tone is set. Your introspection is so well articulated and then you stack the words ‘just so’ and make them rhyme…amazing. Hope you are well…oh, and the picture is amazing too! that IS you, right?
    :-)…naw, you’re much cuter.


    • Olivia
      Apr 08, 2011 @ 09:54:27

      Thank you Tolbert!

      I am doing good but there are things bothering me no end! Thanks for appreciating the image- that’s not me- not yet! I wish I was as strong as her.. Blame it on photoshop.. hahaha.. These words describe how I feel now-a-days.. absolutely on the dge!

      Hugs x


  6. trisha
    Apr 07, 2011 @ 13:08:16

    dont worry, its the other face of womanhood. hope you will snap out of it very soon. dont let it overpower you.

    very beautiful poem olivia.



  7. Jannie Funster
    Apr 07, 2011 @ 00:40:08

    May you transition to knowing you are the awesome wonderful being of love I know you to be, Olivia.

    Here’s a blog I love, for healing and joy…

    She is a GREAT teacher.



    • Olivia
      Apr 07, 2011 @ 00:43:39

      Thank you a very big bunch Jannie..
      You have put all those praising words for me together and already made me smile..

      Thanks for sharing the link- will check out soon.. 😀
      Hugs xoxox


  8. pete marshall
    Apr 07, 2011 @ 00:05:27

    wonderful verse…enjoyed the read…and hope you are ok where you are…(loved the photo btw!!) cheers and thanks for sharing pete


    • Olivia
      Apr 07, 2011 @ 00:34:25

      Thank you Pete!
      I am here in India- NCR (National Capital Region), getting scorched in summer heat.. 😉

      Thank you so much again for your wishes n concern 🙂
      Many Hugs xox


  9. Eric
    Apr 06, 2011 @ 23:23:55

    (Wow! So many comments!)

    I’m certain your transitory phase will end with you in a better place – you’re destined.


    • Olivia
      Apr 06, 2011 @ 23:31:01

      Thank you Eric.. makes me feel better already.. 😀
      I am glad I have like minded people around helping me with this phase..

      Hugs x


  10. Jamie Dedes
    Apr 06, 2011 @ 12:26:11

    Oh, Olivia, writing is a healing experience. I hope that is so for you with this. Sorry for the times. They come. They go. Hang tough. You’ve written about it beautifully though.

    Holding you in heart and prayer.


    • Olivia
      Apr 06, 2011 @ 13:50:49

      Thank you Jamie sweets!

      That’s why I starter to blog. To be able to bead all stances in delicate piece of jewelery! With me, it’s been really uncanny- but I’m glad I am able to write all about it- instead of closing in as I used to earlier.. 🙂

      Thank you again Dear
      Hugs xox


  11. dustus
    Apr 06, 2011 @ 06:12:12

    Haunting memories- turbid mind,
    Striking similes closely confined;
    Why do stances repeat again?
    Stewing over like bad omen!

    An excellent stanza. i think one of the best passages you’ve written. Go do something fun and feel better, my friend.


    • Olivia
      Apr 06, 2011 @ 10:52:11

      Thank you Dustus Dear!

      Already doing.. I feel better after scribbling it all here. Thank you again for your kind words. I am glad you liked it!
      Hugs xox


  12. brian
    Apr 06, 2011 @ 05:24:03

    rock that transition olivia…its good that you see it coming, it give hope for when it does…and may you enjoy the journey…


  13. Elaine
    Apr 06, 2011 @ 04:53:03

    Wow…what a strong and powerful poem. So well written!


  14. Anthony North
    Apr 06, 2011 @ 04:09:19

    Transitions can be painful, but ultimately rewarding.


    • Olivia
      Apr 06, 2011 @ 10:54:41

      I am excited already. Thank you North for telling me that! I better start absorbing the clues for that “reward”.. all charged up! 🙂


  15. Fyodor Lewis
    Apr 06, 2011 @ 04:07:09

    Cry when you need to and for the rest of the time remember that there are better times ahead. Good job.


    • Olivia
      Apr 06, 2011 @ 19:15:19

      yes… you are right- I am sleeping every now n then to match up- lolss
      Thank you so much for your kind words! I just checked your blog- you write well!!

      Hugs x


  16. Jessica
    Apr 05, 2011 @ 18:35:38

    Well written, Olivia, very tightly composed and your message comes across strongly. I like ‘I’m done bleeding in ‘chromatic scheme’ – very neat!

    Thanks for visiting yesterday!


    • Olivia
      Apr 05, 2011 @ 18:57:49

      Thank you so much Jess!
      Reading you is always a pleasant surprise.. with dose of reality and laughter!!

      That line is my fave too!

      Loads of Love xox


  17. fiveloaf
    Apr 05, 2011 @ 12:41:31

    depression olivia- and it happens to more women than men.. don’t you have someone whom you can really share your thoughts with, have confidence in your ability to reassure you that what you do is correct ? and to distract you enough to come out from that phase? find someone and all will be well in no time.. cry if you should! if you need help or a great listener, you can always count on me if you like- get in touch in fb. here’s my potluck..


    • Olivia
      Apr 05, 2011 @ 13:27:39

      Thank you so much Dear One..

      I was depressed only for a couple of day till I didn’t know if that was for real or my figment of imagination. Seems it is for real.

      Finding someone is not as easy.. the confidence and trust comes after years of friendship. Moreover, what I am going through is larger than just being happy or sad. It’s related to my own state of survival; so distraction would be not a good thing for now. It would be like running away. I want to stay in and fight it out and in my favor. Since it is to do with my survival, I have no other choice. submitting to the things is just not me- I am a fighter and a rebel. My friends would second that. Trying to think of something else would make me not notice the finer nuances.. can’t afford to at this time..

      I am positive that this time it’s going to be a bigger one. I harder you suppress, the bigger is the energy to revolt- like spring!
      Thank you for your kind words.. rushing in a while to read you.. Hugs xox


  18. Reggie
    Apr 05, 2011 @ 10:21:33

    Very heartfelt Olivia…I know transitions too well…I feel this.

    In the image, though cloaked in despair…the eyes stand out most. I see determination…be shaped, be molded, withstand the blazing fire…come forth o butterfly…come forth.


    • Olivia
      Apr 05, 2011 @ 12:03:11

      Thank you Dear Reggie!

      Your comforting words do make me feel better.. I am glad I could mark out my determination through it! Yes, I am ready to face it barefaced and headstrong.
      Soon, I’ll have more to write about what’s new on this.. 🙂

      Hugs xx


  19. Jack Edwards
    Apr 05, 2011 @ 05:27:37

    Great use of rhyme and alliteration.


  20. seabell
    Apr 05, 2011 @ 02:56:07

    Being the first to post, you escaped me during my first visit. I was wondering where you could be hiding… Now I kind of know. As for your state of mind, you know that we cannot trust our own feelings. If a bit of nothing is enough to make us sing, imagine what bad things can do if we don’t fight them – first with sun (praised since old times as a source of good), friends, poetry… the list is immense. As for the poem, if you don’t like it as it is you can always keep improving it in order to make it the way you want. I like it very much for two reasons: 1) The feelings you express in it. 2) The structure you picked is very simple and agreeable (4 line stanzas), used in my own country for songs and popular poetry. I wrote a few “quadras” myself (I call them Portuguese haikus) during March and I always enjoy them. I assure you that yours are a lot better than mine. Here is one I remember right now and dedicate to you: “I thought love was for life/Until love deserted me/And I – who thought love was for life/Live a life of indescribable misery.” (Yes, one day I felt this way and survived!) Hugs for now. I shall write a little more soon…


    • Olivia
      Apr 05, 2011 @ 12:41:31

      What a huge comment to read through and equally beautiful words glittering its essence!

      very right.. even our own feelings need to have some relevance to stand the test of time/life. I always say- if enough isn’t enough- nothing would be. Through my transitional phase this time; I am learning to be contented, trying to celebrate what I have instead of fretting and feeling desperate. It may be a long one but will prove to be the smoothest one that I have ever undergone. It is bumpy, but have enough cushion for now.

      Thank you for praising my work! I so appreciate your comparing my write with official form of poetry!
      As for Love, that’s a highly controversial topic- really!! I love your words.. they are as wonderful as you are Belle!!

      Mega Hugs right back at ya xoxoxox
      feel free to write anytime that you so wish to.. 😀


  21. Kodjo Deynoo
    Apr 04, 2011 @ 22:53:14

    Your whole web background and the poem, really says a lot
    it gives the poem strong meaning
    nice work here


  22. irisdeurmyer
    Apr 04, 2011 @ 21:05:50

    writing is cathartic so keep on poeming. We are blessed with your writing skills. Even your sad poems have such beauty. And you are always encouraging other poets. Thanks.


    • Olivia
      Apr 04, 2011 @ 21:17:59


      Please link your blog in my comment the next time.. 🙂 Would love to jump to read you immediately..
      You said it very right. It’s therapeutic indeed.. Thank you so much for such a beautiful comment Dear One! It is poets like you who make it worthwhile to write such ones.. 😀

      Loads of love n hugs xxx


  23. Caribbean Fool
    Apr 04, 2011 @ 20:44:02

    Sometimes a little sadness is necessary to get happy later & have something to compare it too. However you deal with your questions & concerns, I hope you find the right path to walk. Lovely poem, always nice to check in on old friends! Take care,



    • Olivia
      Apr 04, 2011 @ 20:49:12

      Your insightful words always make me smile..
      You are right about the sadness being necessary. Thank you for making me feel better! Hugs xxx


  24. Raksha Bhat
    Apr 04, 2011 @ 20:40:05

    Oh that was beautiful…liked the last lines…your words reflect hope and life:)


  25. tasithoughts
    Apr 04, 2011 @ 19:38:55

    “I am done bleeding in chromatic scheme” Marvelous… Great poem!



  26. Lyn
    Apr 04, 2011 @ 17:14:04

    What I love is that no matter the pain, the willingness to start again..Bravo!!


  27. Ina
    Apr 04, 2011 @ 12:55:25

    Emotions all can relate to. It will get better. Hugs!


  28. Jaan Pehchaan
    Apr 04, 2011 @ 11:39:22

    Very rich in words!


  29. bendedspoon
    Apr 04, 2011 @ 10:10:49

    I can feel it. Hugggggs to you 🙂


  30. lunawitch15
    Apr 04, 2011 @ 09:01:30

    stay strong. stay hopeful. stay writing. hugs !


  31. Jingle
    Apr 04, 2011 @ 08:07:15

    Glad to see you done with the sad one…

    bless your future, keep smiling..


  32. Life: Between the lines
    Apr 04, 2011 @ 08:01:15

    I think certain things repeat themselves again until we have learned the lesson therein. Beautiful contribution, happy potluck!


    • Olivia
      Apr 04, 2011 @ 13:01:59

      That I would never know why the things always happen in perfect simile!
      Maybe I am a perfect misfit- too big to fit in.. 🙂

      Hugs xox


  33. thingy
    Apr 04, 2011 @ 07:25:43

    It gets better, Olivia. Keep writing.


  34. Andy
    Apr 04, 2011 @ 07:24:34

    Hello Olivia,
    I thought the title of this poem was most fitting, considering everything that’s happened in your life. You have yourself a good cry until you can’t cry anymore…sometimes you may be down, but not out. Remember, giving up means your oppressors will have won. You have a fighting spirit, which will see you through to the end.
    Wishing you much peace and hapiness.


    • Olivia
      Apr 04, 2011 @ 13:10:58

      Hey Andy!

      I guess I have lived my life in phases and transitions thrown in every couple of years. At times, couple of them thrown in 1 year.. hahaha
      I am just choked up with emotions. The tears come pretty easily as if no one’s business! I am here to stay forever- not giving up and certainly no one else’s winning! I may sound aired up but I have taken things in my stride to be a little puffy. i guess that’s fine.. 🙂

      Thank you again for your wishes Dear
      Hugs xox


  35. lolamouse
    Apr 04, 2011 @ 07:23:57

    Transitions are always emotional. Take care of yourself. Make sure you eat, get rest, etc. but allow yourself to cry if you feel the need. Some wonderful creativity emerges from this state. Know that it will eventually pass. “If you’re going thru hell, keep going!”


    • Olivia
      Apr 04, 2011 @ 13:14:38

      You are so generous and caring! I am glad I have you around me!! I get tired but unable to sleep peacefully. I keep thinking till I pass out only to be rudely awaken by some strange dream. I am definitely taking care of my diet. More than I have even done before. I am trying to use this “hollow time” as much as possible in my favor.

      What I am worked up about is “what next..?”
      I am not in hell even- demons feel threatened by my headiness- lolsss
      I am waiting anxiously to declare my new found state of being- best of all times that would be.. Hugs xoxoxox


  36. marousia
    Apr 04, 2011 @ 07:00:29

    It is a time of great transition – obviously you are one of the sensitive ones – thank you for sharing your feelings so openly.


    • Olivia
      Apr 04, 2011 @ 13:16:27

      Yeah right!
      I am sensitive and now-a-days moving around like an over inflated balloon of water!
      I have been good at sharing (verbal) now doing it here.. Thank you for your kind words Dear One.. xoxox


  37. marousia
    Apr 04, 2011 @ 06:59:10

    It is a time of great transition – thank you for sharing your feelings so honestly


  38. Krislin Neo, Ting (Syracuse Pike)
    Apr 04, 2011 @ 00:25:55

    Totally LOVE this.. yeah, I am feeling somewhat similar.. Mine is kind of like as a caterpillar in back into the ‘shell’, preparing to come out as a butterfly…

    Wow, so we are in different places but going through somewhat similar changes…

    Can’t help but to go through some of your old post because I have been away as well as I am interested in knowing you more through those words you wrote.. *HUG*


    • Olivia
      Apr 04, 2011 @ 00:31:55

      Oh boy (I mean girl)

      I have begun to enjoy this recycle period now! It’s tough but then when has it been not? Yes, I see those colors already- those would be your wings!
      Please feel free to dig as much you would want to..! You are a sweet little darling I have..

      Many Hugs xoxox


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  40. KRM
    Apr 02, 2011 @ 20:19:13

    Passionate as we poets can be, it doesn’t shock me that we find ourselves in a constant state of transition. To be stirred to words in the first place means we have been moved deeply by something. Sometimes those things are joyous, but too often, they arise out of despair.


    • Olivia
      Apr 02, 2011 @ 22:09:40

      You have just summed it up all!
      You are just so right.. 🙂 Often joyous moments pass before we translate them into words.. it’s only the sadness that remains!

      Nice weekend xx


  41. Meryl Jaffe
    Apr 02, 2011 @ 01:30:04

    Hi Olivia. Thank you so much for visiting my blog and leaving such a lovely comment. Your poetry is beautiful, breathtaking. I think we all go through phases of emotion, I think poets even more so as we are so tuned into our feelings. I wish you easy passages!


    • Olivia
      Apr 02, 2011 @ 01:44:38

      Thank you so much Meryl!
      You are right. Our poetry comes from our feelings of emotions. Thank you again for your wishes and beautiful words here.. Love xx


  42. Mama Zen
    Apr 01, 2011 @ 23:11:30

    I get that way sometimes!


  43. Rachel
    Apr 01, 2011 @ 08:20:06

    There’s nothing better than embracing your pain, accepting your tears and letting it all go. I love this thought:

    If you’re having a bad, sad, terrible day, make it the best damn sad, bad and terrible day EVER. Ha.

    Go do that and you’ll be surprised how much better it feels! Transformation is GOOD.


    • Olivia
      Apr 01, 2011 @ 09:33:39

      Yes Rachel, you are so right! 🙂
      I am trying to do the same- making the worst possible day to be the best worst possible day. That would happen if I mould the outcome in my favor. I am darn determined to achieve that! 🙂

      Thank you for your support- so much appreciated- Hugs xx


  44. ladynimue
    Apr 01, 2011 @ 00:33:57

    And oh , I loved the lines !!!
    And more so the image ! stunning 🙂
    You know I love bookmarking images I like .. this one totally is awe inspiring .. be like her ! Strong and sexy 😉


  45. ladynimue
    Apr 01, 2011 @ 00:32:37

    Cry dear ..Cry for few days but promise yourself never to cry for same thing twice [ atleast not thrice please 😛 ]

    Cheer up love
    hugs !!!


    • Olivia
      Apr 01, 2011 @ 00:42:22

      Oh yeah!

      Know what, it’s strange. I don’t wish to but tears come easy like silly smiles. I was watching Bachna Ae Haseeno and crying my heart out! Tell me now what was there to?

      Just that I am to over come with emotions right now. It’s been a few weeks already!

      Things are eerily similar. I mean it’s my pet peeve to look for similarities- hit me. I am not depressed anymore- but terribly sensitive.. 🙂


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  47. Broken Sparkles
    Apr 01, 2011 @ 00:09:15

    I hope everything will be fine dear Olivia. Things will be better for anyone of us and the transition will lead you to beautiful moments!


    • Olivia
      Apr 01, 2011 @ 00:12:51

      oh my Bubble Dear!
      Thank you for such a lovely n comforting comment. I could use some. I have promised to not hit the complacence mode ever again. I am a rebel and passionate. I won’t suppress myself ever again.. Hugs x


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