Travelling away..

24th April, 2011

I was along with some of my friends including my childhood classmate Shilpi in the waiting room. They were all leaving for a joy- ride. She had come to invite me over. I had declined politely. I had to catch a ride in sometime. She had left soon thereafter.

While boarding that train, a fleeting thought had struck my mind about roller coasters. I have never boarded one- not sure if I would ever. Pushing that thought aside; I had boarded the train. Slowly it had started moving forward. Instead of taking the left tracks, it had slid over the right track. A jolt was felt and the train had stopped. I was at the last boggie. I could see the dead end towards the back. Piles of logs were stashed. The train didn’t crash onto that though. That’s right, the train was moving backwards.

After its smooth stopple, it was ready to pull forward again. Surprisingly, it didn’t take the left tracks again. Instead, it chose the tracks that had gone down- almost abruptly through a green valley. The speed it was moving in had alarmed me and I had screamed aloud. It seemed that the train might get de- railed; it didn’t though. I could see the whole of the train in front of me sailing. I felt the breeze combing through my hair. It so felt as if I was stood in open. Just then I happened to see someone with me. The same man: because of whom I am undergoing a transition right now. I had panicked so much because of the train speed that I wanted to call up some helpline; realizing helplessly that there were no procedures laid down for the same! The man had incorrigibly kept harping upon how great speeds could de- rail the whole thing.

When the train did reach that turn I was feeling jittery about, it had nicely wound through running at the same speed. Perhaps, it had picked up that velocity so it could go over that steep upward travel that was to come immediately thereafter. I didn’t feel scared anymore; if at all, I had felt liberated like a free- spirit. The man’s voice was no more heard. I was looking forward to feel the pull when the train was to go up on that upward travel.

My train was traveling no less than a roller- coaster ride and it was going to get faster and curvy- as was being discussed before boarding.

I woke up feeling much refreshed.

If the train is to be compared with my Life at present; it would fit in perfectly. A couple of hiccups and even hitting the dead end (yet again); now wanting to move forward just so desperately. This dream once again seems to be pre- cognitive. I didn’t take the joy- ride; I was put through a struggling phase instead. The left turn seems to be the travel to achieve my ambitions that I couldn’t take. It was a sign of set- back I had to take when mom had died and I was stood on the road all by self!  My ugly marriage may have been the right turn. The backward travel hitting the dead end is what I am going through right now. I am back to square one- in one way. All my struggle and hard work till now has gone down the drain. Thanks to a few demons I had met on my way.

I am now looking forward to take that fast train travel that would teleport me to some other world.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Rachel
    Jun 09, 2011 @ 21:39:15

    Being teleported to a new world would indeed be glorious. Hold on tight and enjoy the ride, Olivia!


    • Olivia
      Jun 09, 2011 @ 21:47:38

      Hey Thanks.. I so strongly believe that I am now going to go past that curvy turn..
      Will keep you posted.. Thank you so much for your wishes.. 😀 xxx


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