Puppet Show!


I am a puppet,
Alas! Only a doll..
To please me enough,
My fave color et al.
Woven along are the forced dictates,
“Do it my way or go to..” she yells!

She swishes her wand,
Subliming the crowd.
Making them swoon,
So they sing aloud..
She pulls our strings to make us smile,
We move enslaved; showing ourselves proud!

She orders around-
In Queen’s language.
Declaring in vain:
Her cursed adage..
I wince praying for just one escape;
‘coz seems I am trapped forever in her cage!



14 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. jhpoetry
    Jun 21, 2011 @ 03:46:16

    nice flowing write and the pic brings out the emotion even more. very nice 🙂


  2. Kavita
    Jun 13, 2011 @ 22:42:23

    What an apt title, Liv!!
    I am sure we can ALL relate to this one… *sigh*
    And that picture looks like it was made for this poem… hehhe .. you know what I mean!? 🙂 The dark dungeons et al… AWESOME!!


    • Olivia
      Jun 13, 2011 @ 23:59:33

      mega lolssss.. if only bosses knew their bounds.. but then how would they become witchy (replace “w” with “b” and take away the “y”)
      well!! **SIGH** we called upon it ourselves.. let’s now smoke as one of the video images say.. hahahahahah

      Thanks a bunch for doing this with me.. it was sure way fun..xoxoxox


  3. charlesmashburn
    Jun 13, 2011 @ 19:08:40

    Excellent. I hate her! Good job!


  4. seabell
    Jun 13, 2011 @ 15:38:31

    Don’t let yourself be trapped, Olivia. You are too good for that! 🙂


  5. Ramesh Sood
    Jun 13, 2011 @ 13:50:21

    I like it.. the funny thing is that the Wand’s in the hands of Bosses are often invisible..and one can’t see it coming… well I liked it.. visit mine specailly written for JPP today…


  6. Henry Clemmons
    Jun 13, 2011 @ 11:10:49

    I know that feeling. jj, kind of. lol. Loved it Great s word combos and line work. I loved all the “s” sounds. My fav if used right, and you did. Great job. And I do kind of know the feeling 🙂



    • Olivia
      Jun 13, 2011 @ 21:30:38

      Thank you Henry!! I never thought I would ever dedicate a tribute to “…” lolss
      I adore you for posting the link too.. wink!

      sending you hugs xoxox


  7. Jamie Dedes
    Jun 13, 2011 @ 07:37:19

    Olivia, perfect for this Potluck theme. And what an illustration you found to to with it. You get better and better. 🙂


    • Olivia
      Jun 13, 2011 @ 21:40:19

      If you know “what” made my muse work; then I super- loved your comment..
      It really doesn’t bite to be polite…… bwaahaahaa


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