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About Me

  • I love myself the Most.
  • I Don’t accept things without understanding.
  • I own all that a woman would envy and everything else- that a man would want to possess.

My Blog Space

  • This is where I speak my heart and express my mind out through words to reach out to one and all..
  • I used to write when I was small. Wrote a few Fictions, Short Stories and one Translation in On Spot Writing Contest; I won them all and was praised. Times changed and it halted..
  • That was then; here, you would get to read My Thoughts, My Ideas, My Vision and ME.
  • I am- OLIVIA

Born on: 11th August, 1977

  • Nationality: INDIAN
  • Religion: HUMAN
  • Hometown: Palam Vihar, Gurgaon, Haryana, India, Asia
  • Political Views: !@$*(&&%$@!
  • Religious Views: Spiritual, not religious


  • Late Ms. Jyotsna Sankei
  • Dad “Absconding” since 1989

Current Relationship Status

  • Void


Feel free to Comment in the Comment Box. You could also write to me=> freakoutwitholivia [at] gmail [dot] com

From my past relationships I have learnt

  • Not worth getting into any!!

Anyone who wishes to know about WHY I AM the WAY I AM; please read my Blog

  • I am in the process of writing as much as I recall of my PAST; of what I saw and its affect on me.
  • Most of the major details have already been given, the rest is under compilation. I would try and remain as much im-passionate as possible..
  • It’s my indifference rather than “have taken them in my stride” attitude; that is letting me compile that filth people have carelessly created. I call that My Life..
  • Much of the DIRT is yet to come. The situations, I getting used up and then I exploiting that to my advantage..
  • Why I am doing it? Because I want to. The silver lining- now I can redirect people to read my Blog instead of chatting to “catch up”..
  • This is not the way to lead a Life- maybe. Did I ask? Or did anyone ask me before pushing me inside the tunnel. Seems there’s no end to the dark alley.
  • Appreciate the fact that I have not invested any phrases in self- pity. On the contrary, I have been as much critical to myself.
  • Alright, I may be wanting to balance my Karmas.. How..? By confessing, sharing and coming face to face with everything; even the things I wasn’t responsible for.

Yes, I am a loner and have become a recluse too

  • Transition kills me. Why to socialize when have to blatantly return to Solitude?
  • Solitude has never failed me. Infact, while in retrospection, I have been able to understand very many things; those which you would want to advise upon to sweep below the rug.
  • Never ever have I been neglected by Solitude. The more I grow in it, the more it grows back in me.

About this blog- Introduction



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