Say it with a flower

Flower header


I won’t give flowers,
I’ll myself to you.
Will you care to hold me forever?

I am in love with life,
obsessed with its cliffs,
I’ll seek Him through you.

I won’t write for you.
I’ll say my part when you do.
May you know,
I wish to live my life with you.


Wishing you all a very Happy 2013 🙂



Mom’s Blessings for the New Year

15th January, 2011

My mom was sat in an open veranda with a bowlful of uncooked white rice in a winnowing basket. When I stepped near her, she gestured me to sit there waiting for some ritual. She took out a grain of rice that was broken half- asking me if that was perfect. I didn’t know for what though.

She took a metal bowl and wiped my feet with the water.

Although a confirmed atheist; the family, belief or community I “come from”, elders don’t touch the young ones’ feet. This is quite contrary to Punjabi and a few more Hindu culture, where the minor girls are worshiped on Navratri days. Their feet is cleansed and touched to obtain blessings. Besides offering food prepared in clarified butter, they are also given other gifts and money to take away. With the modernization of the cultural traditions, a lot of things have been added up for the purpose of showing off!

She did that a couple of times till my uncle appeared from somewhere!

Despite my stopping her, she went on doing that lost in her own oblivion. I could barely understand what she was upto. First she cleaned my feet with water. Then she took some rice grain and placed them on my feet in the way as we apply cream. They were wet by soaking. She repeated the procedure with water again till the rice grains were washed away.

I stopped my uncle when he had barely started to imitate the act.

He was my “best friend” in my growing up years. He happens to be my cousin maternal uncle. Whatever loss I have survived because of him; I have come to not like him anymore. I have lost my mom, my home and my childhood to two men- namely my dad and uncle. So when he had tried to wash my feet, I had stopped him. He had turned red with embarrassment and left.


I am perplexed thinking about whatever I have dreamt of. Very clearly the dream is current dated. I lost my mom when I was 17. The situations I dreamt of reflected upon my mental status as on date. I do not hate anyone anymore; but for sure, the hurt I have received and then suffered of till last year, can not be meted out. Ever since I have started to blog, the realizations have grown me up. I no longer look back and sigh. Instead, I smile in smirk.

I decided that I no longer wish to portray myself as a victim or the sufferer.

I don’t give a damn anymore. I don’t carry the hurt anymore. I don’t cry tears recalling how things have been to me. Pests are only gotten rid of. Something that I had done the moment I was left to handle my life on my own after losing my mom. I had vowed to myself to emerge as a successor instead of a survivor. Besides my having to handle my Life in the best possible manner; I have started to write about all of that.

I don’t wince anymore.

I love to take myself back to the “lost years” without feeling the pain I had gone through while in that period. Perhaps, I have learnt to “LIVE”. I am vindicated; yet, very much at peace! Paradox..? Yes.. That’s how I have always been. I have come to do Image Makeovers with 100% perfection. Guess, I have done that to my own individual self and now have perfected my present day lifestyle.

Maybe Mom celebrated my Win.




Revelations n Realizations,
Spun like a giant swirl!
I only crawled through-
Counting the broken cords..

Effervesce in the soda,
Rising to the surface;
Few bigger ones perched at sides,
Eventually bursting before long.

Hold the glass next to your eyes,
Look through the starful of sky within bubbles-
Such has been my Life till now;
Fizzling through the fizz n disappear..

I no longer whine for the lost “possessions”
I know I am destined to own things bigger-
I’m preparing for the Universe to hit Me..
Celebrating my success; praising the very state of my being!


The year 2010 had been one of the best years of my Life till now. It has spelled a major turning point for me in terms of self- realizations and balancing my Karmas. I now stand at the threshold of the New Year- 2011, waiting for bigger spells to strike me.

Wishing you all a very Prosperous and Colorful 2011. Wishing you all a very Happy New Year.. Loads of wishes and prayers for your success xoxox


This Post/Poem wins the The Perfect Poet Award for week- 37/January, 2011.

The Perfect Poet Award- Week- 37, January- 2011


Beautiful stances take the place of the ugly ones,
Completely erasing the the marks and the prints-
Leaving a fragrant freeze around;
To douse me into the ever- growing bliss..


Other Awards

Calling all Ghouls to Party


Letting out all- Ghosts!
Reanimating the Deads..!

Ironing the Shrouds,
Sharpening the wooden stakes..
Calling father Dyer!

Carving Pumpkins.. 🙂
Lighting the jack-o’-lanterns,
Sewing our costumes..
Preparing the Tricks!

Dusting off the skeletons!
Shooing away the bats,
Stepping over the black cats.. meeuw
Magic potions set on the skillet!! (bubble bubble)
All witches assembled on their brooms!

– Let’s Party now –

Calling all Ghouls

“This meeting had been called, so all of you understand this fact once and for all that there are no such things as ‘human being’. It’s only a Myth. These are merely distorted images or fragment of imaginations carved out of coward minds. So please relax. There’s nothing to be scared of..”


A Moron Joke

The Devil invited his girlfriend home, “Sweetheart, I promise no one would be home..”

Upon reaching, I realized, indeed no one was home- not even the moron himself.. @#@$#$#&%$

2 fat black Cats gossiping

“What the hell!! I had barely stepped out of my house, when this wretched human just crossed my path. What an ugly omen! Now my entire day is scr*wd..”


Bloody Bats

The 1st one: WTF!! There’s hardly any blood available around. I am tired of hanging myself upside down without drinking!

Hearing his bickering, all the bats decided to barge out all charged up in quest of their savored drink- blood!!

While all of the other bats didn’t come back until morning and yet without any luck; the one cribbing was found hanging upside down moaning.. its beak was smeared with blood. There were scorching blood stains all over his ratlike limbs.

“Ah, so you are moaning because you tasted blood..? Where the hell did you go? Look at all of us, not even one of us found a dead mouse..!”

The 1st Bat replied: “Do you see that big pole over there..?”

All the batty eyes rounded up like big marbles in hope- “yeah- yeah, we do..”

“Well.. I had not until was hit..” Hanging.. groaning..

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