Divine Desires

Sitting in solitude,
mumbling in silence;
often, I dreamt
of becoming the Divine.

Attaining super- conscience,
dwelling through timelines,
raising above the mundane;
I’ll sit stoned and laugh within..!!



Wanting to become Indifferent; Enjoy life and yet not get affected..
Wanting to become God, Get chiseled into a Divine figurine..
Wanting to become Stone, so nothing affects me..
Wanting to Be Me; laughing while watching all..


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My entry for Week 28 Poets Rally



To laugh, to cry or to whine,
The urge to “emote” is foreign to me.
I now wander in confined solitude-
With no hopes to step out – ever of it.

Doesn’t matter how I live,
Or How I wished to at one time!
And How I too had wanted to celebrate..
My special days, festivals and every other thing!!

My hurt, anguish and pain; words can not describe all.
Neither can they compensate-
The inheritance, possession and that could be!
Expectations dead, I stay mute;

‘Cause I am at a loss of Words..


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My Mind is Alive..



Dreams, Desires, Hopes n wishes,
I’ve lost them all in the lost period.
I do breathe and yet do not live
I was born, but yet am not alive..

I’ve lost my sound, my visions, my faith..
My presence is denied as if I exist no more,
To be here and yet not to be;
As if, I am no more alive..

Designs have blurred, so has my mind;
I move about like a hallucination.
I so now still, hopelessly survive,
And yet, I am not alive..

Mute silence is recreating me!
My numb mind instructing my visions to sing,
As if my resurrection is as sure as Death..
Watch-out My Dear, I am here- I am Alive.


As I post this in Poetry Potluck, I realized that I have already re- discovered myself! I had gone on a travel and that did it. It had all the signs- I only had to walk down the trail. I am so Glad that I did.. 🙂


My In- Mind Whirls Writes

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