Futile Existence



Express joy seeing a new- born;
mourning at a being’s passing away,
animatedly, we lead our sordid lives-
we continue to live without a way.

waking up- at the dawn
tired, we sleep at nights.
carelessly we go on breathing:
we care not; as we live and then- die.

Foolishly, we “join” our pleasure n pain
with things external; that- of mortal fame.
Knowing your gain maybe someone’s pain;
yet, we go on celebrating in vain.

Have you questioned an unfortunate?
Why he doesn’t cry or smile?
Has he already renounced the affections?
Or is it that he has become the divine?

We dwell in riches that brings us glory,
the ultimate extravagant luxury.
We grief equally when we lose a body:
why cry when money can buy all that we need?

All we do is to breathe and live,
to survive; be mean and care for our own being.
How without a purpose we continue to live:
remaining consumed in our selfish Bliss!


My In- Mind Whirls Writes

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