Forgone II

orange light.1

Glowing darkness,
dancing shadows,
haunting images;
a love lost!
Parched insides,
sedating refills,
empty glasses;
my life spent.
Afflicted memories,
aimless survival,
end of tunnel;
Beaten emotions,
screaming silence,
wrapping vacuum,
filling me dense!
I’m blending with ether.





Pigeonic Limerick

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Those small little bunch of fluffy feathers,
They sit all day long stuffed up together-
Often perched on the veranda sill;
Hopping around- never keeping still,
Chirping away to glory no matter what may be the weather!


This one’s dedicated to my favorite pigeon pair! I call the male as “ghoonrh”, “gunrhgoon” after the sound it makes. Twice they have laid eggs and then perhaps broken them since I din’t see them after a couple of days. They again come back in a day’s time and start cochie- cooing!!

For more pics

This happens to be my 1st attempt on limerick. I had read the 1st one when I was 5 years old. I had liked the form for its simplicity and how it is done. I am hoping I could do justice with the form.

Embroidery Samples

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Mixed stitches Hand- Embroidery Samples. These were crafted some 16 years back.

These silk threads were bought when I wasn’t a part of this world yet. Mom’s leftover Silk threads that she had used to do her course of Textile Designing used to sit inside one box. She had taught me how to play with the needle and thread when I was 7 years old. Ever since I had always wanted to stitch a few samples.

These samples were done soon after I had appeared for my 12th boards in 1995. Although I had appeared for PMT (entrance test for Medical studies), I would spend most part of my day pricking the needles through the 110 years old cloth pieces! I haven’t done any thread work since then.

Maybe I would very soon..

  • Flower Baskets– how strikingly similar could be the pattern of mom- daughter duo!

My Dream Washroom

I had sketched my Dream washroom some 14 years back. I had carried the “blue print” of the same for years. I just realized that I have seen that no more after 2006. Here is the same concept (with a very little edit) of the original theme. Of course this looks better than the 1st idea. Not many accessories could be placed- software limitations!

Enjoy the walk view.. 🙂

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