Holocaust II


When did I hold back…!
I’d let myself high
swashing with tides
your love created.
Breaking all barriers,
time n people;
I so let you be…
so you hurt me again.
Lived life in you,
every dream…
left to be unsheathed,
and once more in you.
Making the ones you did,
my very own pick,
I thrummed till I could…
my voice is now dumb.
Doesn’t matter now-
if dawn or dusk,
my rainbow is set,
never to spread again.
Clouds no longer thunder,
rain fell now dry,
It’s foggy winter night,
cold freezing my nerves.
Scraping off my feelings
for you, I harvested;
I swallow my serving
as you directed.



Fallacy Broken



Jolting me out of reverie,
my epiphany raised me
to a dimension un-imagined.

Spinning me hard into nothingness,
my fairy tale cheated me
of my forever more.

Void has filled in where you lived.
Alas! The fallacy’s broken!


Spell unbound


I’m a fairy tale weaver,
wish to weave no more;
I have broken the threads
of those dream like fabric.
I am a day dreamer,
forever lost my sleep;
I keep waking at nights
trying not to think of you.
I play with words,
unable to for you;
I am turning over
the pages now inane.





Awake through countless nights
staring at blank to catch your glimpse,
my eyes cried day long
with the passage of yet another.
Stoned they remained open,
hoping to soak your shadow dark;
searching through the misted void
of a tint that would have then painted my rainbow.
Gone as thou a wisp
or maybe a whisper unheard,
haunting the dirtiest grey
color of smoke is what they reflect.
My sight no longer holds your vision
charred are now the images within…
enough memories collected have I,
let my tears wash some away.



Sunset captured through brandy n cola


Rhythmic glitters
tinkling chime,
calling aloud
the ghosts of time.

Bleeding horizon
streaking blind,
ominous blue
retreating resigned.

Sounds of merry
none to be heard.
Cutting the vacuum
slithers a lizard.

Demonic symbols
of shadows arrive…
Graves speak
coming alive!

Harrowed waters,
bounds trashed;
swallowing beaches
fury unlashed.

A solitary jackal howls at a distance…


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