Awake through countless nights
staring at blank to catch your glimpse,
my eyes cried day long
with the passage of yet another.
Stoned they remained open,
hoping to soak your shadow dark;
searching through the misted void
of a tint that would have then painted my rainbow.
Gone as thou a wisp
or maybe a whisper unheard,
haunting the dirtiest grey
color of smoke is what they reflect.
My sight no longer holds your vision
charred are now the images within…
enough memories collected have I,
let my tears wash some away.



Identity of I


I introspect I – a painting by Neerajj Mittra


To create my I,
I break within;
I destroy all that is I.

To know my I,
I look within;
I seek to unlearn that is in I.When all is gone
what’s left within
is the hollow skeleton of I.If not of you,
if not with them,
then, who and what am I?

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Fake modesty


I caress her,
she holds me
stroking my fall,
she leans beside,
while I devour her nudity!

Midnight dreams
of enchanting tales,
thousand stories wash away…
every day is a new morning!

Drips of her moans,
musk of his beard,
watching the sagas those untold…
bursting the bubbles
washing afloat,
veiling all that is naked.


Happily never after

Alright, we all encounter first times. One of those is “life”. The first times never end in here. There’s always a surprise booked for you even more stalling than the last one.

So just when I decided that I need to try a Sonnet, D’verse supplicated my lookout. I did one and there, the next post there talks about the first time. Can’t even begin to thank you from where…

Oh well, like it is (always), I’m hesitant, wondering and definitely somewhat meek in admission to the fact that I’ve dared to compose a Sonnet. Pentametric- yes, iambic- ambiguous, Shakespeare form. I hope he doesn’t scratch the earth to jump down to end his Sonnetic life!



I am the weaver of this fairy tale.
Forgetting, all good things come to an end;
I had jumped to hang my heart on a nail!
Lover you were to me, not any friend.
Dreamingly, I had displayed your faces;
foolishly thinking that they will fill in,
for you, your love, creating some traces…
growing you on me, in my heart within.
Your face no longer compensates for you.
That fallacy is broken forever.
Concluded have I now, I am so through,
with loving you and that you did never.
I am breaking all patterns I had set-
mourning that we had at all ever met.


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Sunset captured through brandy n cola


Rhythmic glitters
tinkling chime,
calling aloud
the ghosts of time.

Bleeding horizon
streaking blind,
ominous blue
retreating resigned.

Sounds of merry
none to be heard.
Cutting the vacuum
slithers a lizard.

Demonic symbols
of shadows arrive…
Graves speak
coming alive!

Harrowed waters,
bounds trashed;
swallowing beaches
fury unlashed.

A solitary jackal howls at a distance…


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