How Mom celebrated my Birthday

This was when I worked with Baxy Infosol. I reported to Rachana in Toucan Mobile process. She is amongst the few shells that I could collect from a workplace where my tenure was very short as compared to other workplaces.

It was in June on 22nd night or 23rd early morning that I dreamt of this:

It was my Birthday (it falls in the month of August; why on earth I was dreaming of it in June remains a mystery). Even in dream, I was pretty aware of this fact that it was supposedly after a couple of months and not then. Yet mom (I had lost her many years back- but dreamt of her to be alive) was fluttering around everywhere possible to arrange for a Birhday Cake for me. I did ask her a few times what was she upto looking up for Bakery House cards; she didn’t reply and shooed me away 😦 I sadly coiled up in my room wondering why was Ma at all trying to look for a cake when my Birthday was no where around, not anytime soon.

She had spent the whole day searching the catalogues and calling up the bakery shops for a cake. Nirulas’ was apparently closed that day (!) She was now herself becoming a little upset on her inability to surprise me- since I had found out that she was trying to order a cake to surprise me; and she was unable to order one too. At the end of the day, she came to me and said, “My Dear, I have arranged a cake for you.. You just need to wait for some time..”

I woke up with mixed feelings; as confusing of them as I had felt while dreaming. Never the less, I dressed up and sat in my cab at 2pm for my evening shift. While I was walking through the walkway of the 2nd entrance gate- Harsh Israni (he worked with me as a Trainer in Convergys too) wished me “Happy Birthday”. Boy! was I Surprised. He didn’t believe when I told him it wasn’t the day. By the evening, we had all gathered up in the cafeteria for yet another colleague’s birthday. So far so good- “Mom had arranged for a cake for me”, I thought. Wait, till you read more.

They all sang “Happy Birthday to Olivia..!!??!!” and clapped and cheered while I was asked to blow out the candle on a very prettily decorated Strawberry Cake. I was as clueless as you are now. The other boy who was told that it was my birthday to walk him to cafeteria to surprise him, since his day was also being celebrated, had almost run out of cafeteria- Vipul Mongia, I guess. Reason being, it wasn’t his birthday as well; it was supposedly in December!!

The cake Rachana had ordered was very beautiful and different. It was not one of those regular ones; seemed it was ordered from a different place. It had all burgundy pink colored decorations sat on the icing- it was a very Royal Treatment to say the least. Harsh gave me a really annoying look at that.

After celebrating “My Birthday” as if it really were, I musingly narrated my dream to Rachana and one of my colleagues, Bhavna. Rachana was honored to say the least since it was she who got the cake as mom had wanted to in my Dream..!! Bhavana was surprised; so was I. They had all been trying to book a surprise on a different date..!!

  • Thanks Rachana..

Wonderfully, Rachana again celebrated my birthday in August; on 11th when it actually is..

In reality, mom could never run around to get anything for me and was only left to wait till dad or uncle got anything– if at all they did i.e., She wasn’t in a physical state to travel and arrange for anything. Financially, she wasn’t independent. She always said, “Celebrate such days once you start earning so you would not have to be on anyone’s mercy to enjoy any day that you so want. That ways, any day you could order for a cake and celebrate your day as Birthday or Christmas- whichever”. She was obstinate about this to an extent that she did not let me receive any gifts from my friends in later years. Yes, I felt bad- but now, I understand why this was so; very well.

Mom had not only arranged for the cake, but also made sure that my Birthday too was celebrated..

  • Thanks Ma..

2006- I was born; yet again on 23rd June..

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  2. Hena
    Jul 27, 2010 @ 00:49:54

    Happy Birthday to you for 11th August…
    Happy Birthday to you for 23rd June… 🙂


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