Pigeonic Limerick

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Those small little bunch of fluffy feathers,
They sit all day long stuffed up together-
Often perched on the veranda sill;
Hopping around- never keeping still,
Chirping away to glory no matter what may be the weather!


This one’s dedicated to my favorite pigeon pair! I call the male as “ghoonrh”, “gunrhgoon” after the sound it makes. Twice they have laid eggs and then perhaps broken them since I din’t see them after a couple of days. They again come back in a day’s time and start cochie- cooing!!

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This happens to be my 1st attempt on limerick. I had read the 1st one when I was 5 years old. I had liked the form for its simplicity and how it is done. I am hoping I could do justice with the form.


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