Sunset captured through brandy n cola


Rhythmic glitters
tinkling chime,
calling aloud
the ghosts of time.

Bleeding horizon
streaking blind,
ominous blue
retreating resigned.

Sounds of merry
none to be heard.
Cutting the vacuum
slithers a lizard.

Demonic symbols
of shadows arrive…
Graves speak
coming alive!

Harrowed waters,
bounds trashed;
swallowing beaches
fury unlashed.

A solitary jackal howls at a distance…


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I watched, how the watch moved its hands,
about time; times now changed.
Every second offered another;
when all it seemed that that was the end.
That minute moment I’d earned then,
every minute, will stay grateful.
The hour of truth shall arrive someday…
If only I let this one pass.

I see the clock ticking today!





Naïve expression,
a mere wish,
an arrogant desire
never found way; words.

I wanted to fly!
I wanted to live!
I wanted to come alive!

Wings of ecstasy
riding me high;
chasing the sun,
kissing the moon!

I wanted to fly…
I wanted to live…
I wanted to come alive…

Joining the twigs,
a castle built.
Hopes breezing on
fleeting winds…

I wanted to fly.
I wanted to live.
I wanted to come alive.

Stoned sight,
lost commotion;
surreal casting:
like Ariel… and loved!

Maybe a fallacy.
Or a myth.
Perhaps even a lie.

Shared with none,
drenched in salty,
shells on beach,
heaven on earth.

Vision was back.
The detailing was perfect…
Setting a backdrop for the drama to end!

Muted sigh let loose.
Shackled much,
broken by waves;
my soul now belonged to me.

Lost that dream.
Waved goodbye.
Fulfilled the set of karmas.

Fears gone,
embracing tight;
when the time came,
It felt right…

I found a new dream.
I stole from; lived a life.
Today, I came alive.


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Slithering amongst the snakes hissing,
I glide past one that coiled tight.
My foot in its clasp;
fangs in my toes,
it threatened to swallow me almost whole.

What seemed like a glow,
were his eyes aflame-
drawing me near;
like a moth to his fate!

Feeding on my dreams,
it grew wild, then nibbling at my smile;
it made me a grotesque!

Winding the skins shed by those,
I press my tongue in his mouth…

I draw all venom from his blood; leaving him dead in his own burrow!




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